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Serving through Covid-19

Grace and peace be yours in abundance. As we have entered into a time of uncertainty, we hold fast with confidence that the Lord is always faithful!

Weaving Grace champions have been making it possible for widows in Burkina Faso to fully live in the past 3 years. In partnership together, we continue to strive to encourage and empower these beautiful women to rise above their past circumstances and move forward into their God-given potential.

With COVID-19 spreading within their community, they are facing a great deal of loss. March 9, 2020, Ouagadougou was placed on lock-down, causing a standstill of the widows’ businesses. With the continued threat of rising terrorism, many refugees have found shelter in the already crowded homes within the city. As a result, social distancing is nearly impossible, causing their community and our widows within Weaving Grace to be at a higher risk of contracting this virus.

Therefore, we are exploring this opportunity to better serve the widows and pastors within the Weaving Grace community during this time of increased difficulty. Our staff in Burkina Faso are taking great care to communicate, encourage, and meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of each of the ladies and her children, while we are remaining committed to flexibility in aiding our widows during this emotional and financial crisis.

The services provided through Weaving Grace Ministry happen through the generosity of individuals and their involvement. In this season, we are thankful for our pastors, leaders, and champions who are going above and beyond to serve and meet the needs of the vulnerable in Burkina Faso. Through continued partnership we hope to tangibly meet the needs of the widows and their families. The biggest need of the widows at this time is food assistance, which will cost $5000. We would very much like to send a Love Offering from Weaving Grace champions in the USA as an expression of love, encouragement and support for the widows, pastors and staff in Burkina Faso.

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