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A Heart Transformed through a Family not My Own

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

My name is Mariko. I have seven children and seven grandchildren. Before I came to Weaving Grace I was living a miserable life because I was alone. I had nobody beside me for advice and to share with. My husband's family rejected me. In Burkina Faso the church doesn't care for widows. My life was a miserable life.

When I came to Weaving Grace with the women at Center D my life has turned around completely. I got Sisters. I got pastors to care for me. And they supported me a lot. I have now a family. And I have gotten what I didn't have before. I got what I couldn't believe I could get. I had a sister in Burkina Faso at Center D and I also got sisters in the United States -- Beloved Sisters, that care for us.

They came to wash our feet in Burkina Faso. When I have eye problems they provided for my eyeglasses. And with my sisters here, my president gave me some loincloths and she supported me a lot. Through Weaving Grace in Burkina Faso I have been really blessed. God did little things in my life. To be in Burkina Faso and speak with other women is like a dream for me. If somebody told me I would know someone from the United States, I would say, "It's not true."

Now I can speak on Skype with sisters from the United States. That's the grace of God. Only the grace of God can provide for this. I thank the Lord for this. I thank the Lord for what He did for me through the sisters from the United States. Through Weaving Grace my life has changed a lot. Before, to have food was a problem. People thought that I had much but, in fact, I didn't have any. But through Weaving Grace and the micro loan we have got, my life has changed. I can care for my family, my children. We can have food. So through Weaving Grace we have food, we can have medical treatment, and love has made me thrive in the new family. It's a new family for me. And I am really blessed through the family. When we meet, we forget our cares.

The pastor gives us some teaching that support us a lot. I thank the Lord for Weaving Grace. I bless Weaving Grace and the founder of Weaving Grace. I bless the sisters at Weaving Grace United States. May the Lord bless them a lot in the name of Jesus. May the Lord strengthen us in this family so we can stay together. We see each other in the presence of God one day. I thank very much Weaving Grace. May the Lord bless them. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

My name is “Joy”. I have 4 children. Before I go to Weaving Grace life was difficult. Providing food for the children was difficult. I couldn't get money outside my house. It was so difficult. When I went to market with $10 I couldn't buy anything to sell. But through Weaving Grace, since I have entered group, I have received micro credits. I am very happy! My children can get good food now.

Before I couldn't pay for the school fees. They were sent out every time; I couldn't pay. But through Weaving Grace, now I have been able to pay all my children's school fees. I am very happy and I thank the Lord because you came to help us and now you have turned us into normal women in Burkina Faso.

I came here some years ago. I always ask Mama, "You say to me to come, but if I come, how can I repay the micro loans? How can I be able to repay if I cannot sell and give the money back?" And she always tell me, "Come, nothing is impossible to God." I thank the Lord very much. Since I got the money I am very happy with the Lord. I always raise my hands to say "Thank you!" And I thank Weaving Grace ladies because they have restored hope to us.

And now, we were widows, we are among normal women now. We were sitting poor and couldn't go to market. Nobody cared when you were asleep or you were crying. But you came and you wiped our tears. I thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. And I say Glory be to God! What you have been able to do for us widows. May the Lord bless you.

May the Lord bless you again, again, again, and may the Lord be glorified. Amen. Amen.

I praise the Lord! Amen. Amen

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