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From Death to Life, a Story of Restoration

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

My name is Pengwende. I have 3 children, seven grandchildren. I am the president of Weaving Grace and I thank the Lord. Before Weaving Grace, it was difficult. We didn’t have food to eat. You are sighing, you are crying, and you are weeping because you have nothing. If you went to see somebody for help, they will tell you, "Oh if you could have come yesterday." Society has forgotten we widows.

The church has forgotten we widows, and our in-laws have forgotten us. We were rejected. But, praise be to God, Weaving Grace has searched for us and has put us together in a family. I was very dry and old, like a 100 year old lady. Sometime before I knew Weaving Grace we could have three days without food.

When you get a few minutes, you go to buy some rice and you come in to cook and give part of it to the children and you just manage to get by. When I received my first loan from pastor Jean-Paul, I remember it was a great day. I was saying, ‘If I don’t get this loan, my life is useless.’ I prayed it be to God. Weaving Grace has wiped our tears.

When I got the micro-loan, it was blessing upon blessing in my life and in my family. I had peace in my mind and in my heart. Through that money, I am selling firewood and now I am weaving clothes. I repaid my first loan. They gave me 10 months to repay it. And at 6 months I finished repaying. And I had a new loan. And I have almost finished my second loan. I thank a lot Weaving Grace.

From the time I got into Weaving Grace I now know my life is useful. I was saying my life was useless. But now, I don't want to die soon. I want to LIVE! Because now I am a young girl, like a 17 year old young girl. I am very young! Only through Weaving Grace. I thank you very much! God bless you. God strengthen you, God gives you more love for us and for you.

We pray that more people would enter into Weaving Grace. It will be stronger and stronger in the name of Jesus! I couldn't finish talking about Weaving Grace because it's a blessing to us.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. God bless you. Thank you very much! Amen.

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