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Empowering Widows

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Be a Champion for Widows

Hope. For many widowed women of Burkina Faso, this mindset seems beyond grasp. With the lack of government protection and a weak judicial system, the widows often lose everything after the death of their husband, as his relatives many times take ownership of all assets.

We are compelled by God's love to care for widows and their children in their distress, so that they may know Jesus Christ.

“God in his holy dwelling is a father of the fatherless and a champion of widows.”

–Psalm 68:5

As an extension of Kingdom Investment International's Microfinance Initiative, Weaving Grace provides individualized attention to meet the needs of widows on a holistic basis.  We do this while offering the very practical tools necessary for the women to advance economically, instilling pride, dignity, emotional healing and well-being, giving a world of hope.

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